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Lola Monroe Judy Blues

The entire process start to check out was seamless. I’m very new to the jeans. But, based on the information your provided they fit like they were made for me. There was no question on what size I needed. I will be purchasing again.

Being in the marketing industry, I always have higher than usual expectations on businesses. Logo Branding, Packaging, Communication, Shipping, the Follow Up Process… For the first time, in a long time you checked all the boxes!
Bravo!! 👏 Well Done. I’d highly recommend your boutique to anyone. Thank you.

Daddy Long Legs jeans

My new favorite jeans! Shopping with Lola Monroe is my favorite way to shop. Ash is so much fun to watch and my orders get here super fast! Hopping on now to try and grab a couple more pairs of these jeans.

Best jeans ever!!

These jeans are so comfortable!! I love how Ashley tells you exactly how they fit!!! They are great!!!

Judy Blue "Kinda Slim Kinda Shady" Boyfriend Jeans

Love them

Got these for my daughter (out of my size sadly) and she loves them! These are her first pair of Judy Blue, but surely not the last. She loves how they are so stretchy, but still aren't overstretched by the end of the day.