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Judy Blue "Bleach Don't Steal My Man" oversized Boyfriend Distressed Denim

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If you Loved "Bleach Please" these are her OVERSIZED cousin!! You'll size down more than your normal bleach boyfriend so read through!

RISE: 9.5"


SIZE DOWN 2 or more ALERT!

If you are new to Judy Blue sizing and odd sizing make sure to read carefully!

In this pair you will want to size down from your NORMAL Judy Blue sizing.  I promise you WANT to size down more than normal.  Wearing your "normal size" in this pair for Judy Blue will be oversized. Sizing down one more will be boyfriend and TWO will be fitted.

Normal sizing:

Your normal Judy Blue sizing is true to sizes for 14w-24w and size 2-16 regular finds their ODD size by sizing down one. (ie: size 14 wears a 13 NORMALLY).  The stretch and boyfriend fit in these is AMAZING and you will want to size down more.

How to size down again:

Judy Blues from size 1-15 come in odd sizes. “True Judy Blue” size for size 2-16 regular means you will size down ONE to find your odd size.  In these you will want to size down MORE.  So a true 16 regular instead of doing their normal size 15 would wear the 13 for boyfriend and 11 for fitted, a 14 instead of a 13 would do the 11 for boyfriend and 9 for fitted etc. A size 2 would do the ZERO for boyfriend.

Ashley is a size 14 and normally wears a size 13 Judy Blues and LOVED the size 11 in these for a boyfriend look and a size 9 for a fitted look.

Judy Blue sizing goes 13, 15 THEN 14W.  All Judy Blues are WOMEN’S sizing and NOT a juniors cut but a 14W will give you more room in the hips.  

14W - 24W are true to street clothes sizing in Judy Blue jeans NORMALLY.  Your normal size in these will be an oversized fit.  Sizing down ONE means that a 14W can wear a 15, a 16w is a 14w, 18w is a 16w etc...A size 26w can wear the 24w in these.

For sizes 14-24W, size down ONE for boyfriend and TWO for fitted.