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Judy Blue "Blackout" High Rise Skinny Jean

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 OMG the heavens have parted and the stretchiest Black Jeans are here!!


This pair is an ultra high rise, super stretchy denim that you will LOVE at your TRUE JUDY BLUE SIZE.

Once you know your Judy Blue sizing, you are GOLDEN on grabbing them online. Judy Blues have AMAZING stretch and are a true women’s cut with great coverage and also amazing shape! 

Judy Blues come from size 1-15 come in odd sizes. “True Judy Blue” size for size 2-16 regular means you will size down ONE to find your odd size.  A size 16 regular wears a 15, 14 reg is a 13, 12 is an 11 etc.  Size 2 is a 1 and 1 is a ZERO.

Judy Blue sizing goes 13, 15 THEN 14W.  All Judy Blues are WOMEN’S sizing and NOT a juniors cut but a 14W will give you more room in the hips.  Ashley is a 14 regular and wears the size 13 for example.

In this cut we have sizes 0-15 then 1x, 2x and 3x

14w-16w is a 1x

18w-20w is a 2x

22w-24w is a 3x 



12 Inch Rise

29 Inch Inseam

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