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Funny Pen Sets

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Great smooth writing pen.  Ashley is a pen snob.  These make great gifts!

F*ck It All Set Includes -  F*ck That- F*uck This- F*ck It- F*ck Me- F*ck You-

Insult Set Includes-  If I agreed with you we'd both be wrong - As fun as stepping on a Lego - Great Face for Radio - What essential oil makes you go away - As useful as a knitted condom -

Teachers Set Includes- Coffe, Teach, Wine, Repeat - Dreaming of Summer Break - Grade Now, Cry Later - I teach therefore I drink - Teaching for the money and fame -

Adulthood Set Includes- Very Reluctant Adult Growing Up was the Dumbest thing i've ever doneLover of Cancelled Plans I need an Adultier Adult So much for knowing everything when I'm older -

Parenting Set Includes- It takes a Village and a Vineyard Sorry I'm late I have kids I love my ungrateful kids My parenting style is called survivalist RIP sleeping in -

Demotivational Set Includes- You've already peaked - Everyone's judging you - You're for sure getting fired - That idea is garbage - Your face is weird - 

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