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Magnetic Lashes

There is something about a quick yet full face of makeup and lashes that can turn even the craziest of days around!

Ashley has tried SO MANY different lashes over the years and has fallen in love with Tori Belle Magnetic reusable lashes.  Her faves are Selfie and Ladies Night.

You can check out all lash bundles direct from Tori Belle with Free Shipping HERE

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Every item we get from Ashley & Brett is always fun and great. I do most of my Christmas shopping throughout the year with them. Never disappointed. 💚

Judy Blue

Love,love,love,I went by the sizing you guys gave and they are my favorite now!

Labeled “Skinny Jeans” on the Jean, not boyfriend

I wish these would be advertised the way they are labeled on the Jean. My
Jeans are labeled SKINNY not boyfriend..they have a looser lower leg similar to a boyfriend, but they are 100% not boyfriend jeans..which is disappointing as that is what I thought I was ordering since these are labeled BOYFRIEND on the site. Bummer.

Judy Blue Black Jeggings Super Flares

awesome jeans

I got my jeans last week, and they are amazing! I love how they are slim enough in the legs to wear boots, but not too tight. The denim is nice and stretchy and the pants are comfortable. And I ordered the perfect size after looking at the size pictures. That was a great help!