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BrewCraft Baked Crackers

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Our delicious BrewCraft Crackers come in 3 flavors and are created to enjoy with todays craft beers.  Margarita Pizza is an artful blend of tomato and herbs and tastes just like pizza. What goes better with beer than pizza!   We make our own Sweet Thai Chili sauce that goes into our Sweet Thai Chili crackers.  They are wicked spicy and oh so good.  Our Smokey BBQ is a delicious blend of  bbq sauce, herbs and  good smokey end notes.

Margarita Pizza - Incredible blend of tomato and herbs.

BBQ Hot Wings - 

Spicy crackers with a hint of BBQ sauce and chicken end notes

Sweet Thai Chili - 

This one is for the spicy lover! Slightly sweet followed by hot! 

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