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Candy Club

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Talk about an explosion of taste in your mouth! Our fave Candy Club candies are finally here!

Candy Club is a premium candy company with deliciously fun, unique candy from all around the world! From national and international candy makers to mom-and-pop confectioneries, they have a variety of sweets and sours!

About the flavors:

Sour Cherry Cola Bottles: "Pop" open a jar of gummy bottles! Soda pop shaped gummy bottles that are covered in "fizzy" sour sugar and bursting with classic cherry cola flavor.

Pineapple Rings: Tropical candy refreshment at your fingertips (or on your fingers)! These sweet-tart chewy rings are filled with bright, juicy pineapple flavor to give you that summer feeling all year round!
Peach Hearts: These juicy, sugar-coated, soft and chewy hearts are sure to delight your senses with every aromatic and tart peach-flavored bite. They're perfectly peachy!

Rainbow Blox: Sweet tart rainbow bricks filled with sweet vanilla cream
Dolphin Buddies:  Swim in deep blue raspberry flavor exploding with sour sugar fun!
Rainbow Bites: These rainbow roll-ups surround sweet vanilla creme with a colorful band of sweet-tart flavor.

Pink Piglets: Go ham on these adorable gummy piggies! Infused with sweet-tart berry flavor, these little piglets pack serious lip-smacking power to make you squeal with delight! Non-GMO.
Sour Gummy Octopus: These exhilarating fruit flavored sour gummies will be swimming into your heart and your tummy. Who knew octopus could be so scrumptious?!

Watermelon Slices: Great tasting watermelon flavored jelly candies, with a dusting of sour sugar, are mini versions of the real thing without the seeds!

Triple Decker Sour BearsWith three layers of multicolored strawberry flavor and a head-to-toe dusting of sour sugar, these sweet-tart candies provide triple the taste sensation of every-day gummy bears.

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