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Get Hard Pretzels (Multiple Flavors)

Peanut Butter
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3.5 ounce bags

What the French Toast

Move over waffles and pancakes, French Toast Pretzels are here for all your tasty needs. This magical yet classic combo is dangerously good. Seriously, just remember, we warned you. These crunchy pretzels are layered with fresh ground cinnamon, hints of vanilla, and clean sugars. This pretzel comes with all the good vibes needed to change that frown from the upside-down. What's even better, pop these snacks into a small bowl and warm for 4-6 seconds. Take them out and enjoy a warm treat that the whole house will love. 

PB Seein' Ya

Need a quickie? Like, maybe a fifteen-minute mental getaway? Let's run away with our tastebuds. We've taken the classic peanut butter and chocolate combo and have elevated it with our crunchy, mini chocolate pretzels and some serious bougieness. Our minis have been drizzled with our sultry peanut butter sauce and a simple sprinkle of smoked sea salt. Let the romance of flavors take you away.

Five or fifteen minutes? Either way, you get to choose how long you spend in chocolate peanut butter land.