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Fresh Popcorn Shop order is going in with new flavors! Expected to arrive within 2 weeks.

4 Cups of popcorn in each bag.  Popped fresh for our order.

Each bag is resealable and lasts up to 90 days...though if it lasts you that long we have bigger problems on our hand ;-)

🍿Pumpkin Spice (Nothing says fall like pumpkin spice!  The delicious sweet candy crunch with all the amazing spices of fall to creat the perfect blend of pumpkin spice!)

🍿Apple Pie (This flavor will take you back to grandmas house with a fresh baked apple pie.  This amazing blend of caramel corn, cinnamon and green apples will have you coming back for more.)

🍿Caramel 2.0 (THIS IS A REVAMP OF OUR CHICAGO FLAVOR, BUT BETTER.  It’s a blend of caramel and cheddar but instead of doing 50/50 mix, every piece of popcorn will have caramel and cheddar coating to enhance the flavor explosion in each bite.


Birthday Cake:

This festive flavor brings together the sweet taste of creamy vanilla birthday cake, in a candy-coated shell, with sprinkles on top. Our mouthwatering Birthday Cake popcorn is a classic sweet treat with a delightful crunch. The best part is that you don’t have to wait for a celebration to enjoy.

Flaming Hot:

This hot number packs a punch of flavor. Doused with spice and classic crunch, it also has a hint of cheesy goodness. While this flavor is popular with kids and teens, adults can enjoy it as a guilty pleasure too.


If you are a fan of cinnamon, this is the flavor for you. This classic combination is a rich, buttery snack bursting with cinnamon sugar in every bite. Our Churro Popcorn has all the flavor goodness you could want in a crunchy snack. You will be carried away to your favorite event without walking out your front door.

Coffee Toffee:

Coffee Toffee will take you to your favorite boutique café for a sip of creamy comfort. We mix gourmet coffee fullness with buttery rich toffee to create a candied delight. This flavor is truly original and unbelievably tasty.

Tooty Fruity:

This flavor is just as fun and beautiful as it sounds. It is a mix of six distinctive fruit flavors to create one vivid and bold snack. Yellow is a sweet, sour lemon, red is a classic tart, cherry, blue is blue-raspberry to make you pucker, green is a Granny Smith flavored green apple, orange is bitter, sweet orange, and purple is grape with a fruity punch. Enjoy them one at a time or all at once.


This is a perfect mix of sweet and salty flavor explosion for all your taste buds. It consists of one-half creamy, sweet, buttery, gourmet caramel corn and one-half savory, rich, cheddar cheese. One taste and you will become a true believer in the power of this wickedly delicious, caramel-cheese flavor combination.


We have taken this classic flavor and perfected it. We’ll even tell you our secret, pure cane sugar and real butter. Our caramel corn is rich, decadent, and delicious beyond your wildest imagination. We can honestly say, we have reached the gourmet gold standard with classic caramel corn.

Jalapeno Cheddar:

Take a trip south of the border with this festive and sassy flavor. Jalapeno Cheddar is a spicy twist on the classic and savory cheese popcorn. Every bite has a satisfying zing along with the creamy, crunchy goodness. Add a little spice to your life.

Kettle Corn:

Kettle Corn is a classic sweet and salty favorite treat. We use only the highest quality ingredients to pop up this light and fluffy, satisfying snack that you won’t be able to put down. You may want to get more than one bag at a time.


You won’t find better cheddar to please the cheese lover in your life. Each piece of popcorn is bursting with sharp, creamy tastiness to create a bold and savory treat. This popcorn is calling your desire for flavor overload.

White Cheddar:

Gourmet White Cheddar is an elegant, subtle flavor for an upscale taste sensation. You will be star struck when you discover this delicious, celebrity crunch. Sometimes money can buy happiness.

Dill Pickle:

Dill Pickle Popcorn is an exhilarating twist on a classic flavor. Tangy Dill packs a punch of salty, sour flavor. This will soon become your new favorite snack.

Salt & Vinegar:

Give your taste buds the brilliant flavor of Salt & Vinegar Popcorn, a proper treat. Enjoy a perfectly balanced tangy sensation that will make you pucker with delight. Be careful, your mates may try to nick this sensational snack.

🍿Strawberry Shortcake: delicious summer blend of cake batter, strawberries and kettle corn

🍿Parmesan Garlic: Amazing taste of Parmesan, garlic with a white cheddar pop

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