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Pre-order Hot Cocoa Bombs

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These are expected to arrive to us in approx 2 weeks.

Available in Singles and variety Packs of 4. 


4 Packs:

OG 4 Pack contains one of each of the below Cookies, Smores, Chocolate and Caramel. 


SMORES 4 Pack containts on of each:

Milk Chocolate Shell/Smores Filling
Marble Shell/Smores Filling
Cookies and Cream Shell/Cookies and Cream Filling
Cookies and Cream Shell/Smores Filling

Cookies - Cookies and cream exterior with cookies and cream filling

Smore - Marbled Exterior with Smores filling

Chocolate - Milk Chocolate exterior with milk chocolate filling

Caramel - Milk chocolate exterior with salted caramel filling

Raspberry - Milk chocolate exterior with raspeberry chocolate filling

Mint - Milk Chocolate exterior with mint truffle filling



Shelf life is approx 3-6 Months.