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Pure Sugar Candy Cubes

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A little bit of sugar that packs an amazing amount of flavor!

32 Cubes Old Packaging almost SOLD OUT!

The flavors come to life when they get in your mouth. For ultimate taste sensation, put the first flavor in your mouth and warm up the cube. Add the second flavor and they blend together. You’ll get the full satisfaction of a fresh Pina Colada, a glass of Iced Tea with Lemon to mention only a few. Try them all to find your favorite!

With only 2 1/2 calories per cube, you can satisfy your sweet tooth with zero guilt!
Blueberry Lemonade - A punch of Blueberry with a Tart Lemonade flavor.
Rootbeer Float- Rootbeer Soda & Vanilla Ice Cream mixed
Creamcicle - Orange & Cream Soda mixed
Cookie & Cream - Chocolate Cookie & Vanilla Ice Cream mixed
Green Apple - Tangy Tart Green Apple
Citrus Blend -  Orange, Lemon, Grapefruit & Lime mixed
Pink Grapefruit - Refreshing Pink Grapefruit
Chocolate Cake - Rich Chocolate Cake
Ice Tea with Lemon - Ice Tea & Lemon mixed
Red Hot Cinnamon - Cinnamon with a fiery after taste
Watermelon - Sweet Watermelon flavor
Banana Cream Pie - Banana & Bavarian Cream mixed

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