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Reusable Heat Packs Back Strap

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Now you can be completely mobile with the Hot Rush Back Strap. It has a pocket to slide the Heat Rush heat pack into. Not only does it provide you with complete mobility but also helps to insulate and prolong your heat. Heat pack sold separately.
Heat Rush heat packs are instant, portable, reusable and MADE IN THE USA!
With the push of a button your Heat Rush heat pack will instantly crystalize
and heat up to 130 degrees.
Heat Rush heat packs are convenient, portable and available in a
variety of sizes to choose from. They are ideal for all types of activities and
applications, from outdoor to inside for your bed.
When you feel your Heat Rush heat pack lost its power, wrap the pack in a
dish cloth and carefully place it in a pot of boiling water. Allow the pack to boil for
10 to 20 minutes depending on the size of the pack.

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