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Sonic Facial Cleaning Brush

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OMG You will LOVE your face after using a sonic facial brush!  Use with your favorite cleanser or moisturizer and be amazed at the after feel and look!

What is sonic cleaning?

  • Ultrasonic cleaning technology: Advanced high-frequency vibration technology helps to remove dirt, oil, cosmetics residues, gently remove dead skin cells, and easily meet daily skin cleaning needs.
  • Infrared Wave Function: Infrared light waves can open pores and promote absorption of skin care products. Long-term use also helps promote collagen regeneration and restore skin elasticity.
  • 2 Brush Heads: peach and white bristle heads are suitable for oily or normal skin, clean pores and remove dead skin. White bristles are designed for sensitive or delicate skin, soft and comfortable.
  • 3 modes and 20-second Smart Timer: three kinds of vibration intensity, from weak to strong, you can adjust the massage intensity at will. Smart timer reminds you to change the cleaning area every 20 seconds and automatically turns off after 1 minute-reminds to avoid over-cleaning

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