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Steak Jerky

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Salt & PepperSalt & Pepper flavor combines two of the world’s classic seasonings, salt and pepper, giving the ultimate savory satisfaction. Our robust classic flavor has a kick of pepper balanced with its salty counterpart. This tasty combination is packed with flavor and perfectly matched by its delectable texture.

Sriracha - Sriracha BBQ flavor is for those who like it a bit hotter. We use the fiery spices of Sriracha to give you that hot yet tasty burn, coupled with a smokey BBQ aroma. This special flavor is the perfect combination of classic BBQ sauce with a spicy chilli twist.

Honey Pepper - Honey Pepper flavor uses the sweet natural nectar of bees combined with dark aromatic black pepper. This flavor is the perfect marriage between sugar and spice. It starts with a smooth sweet taste and ends with a peppery hot finish that leaves you wanting more.

Classic - Classic Recipe is the perfect blend of your favorite traditional jerky ingredients. Each tender strip will leave you with a mouth full of Tong's delicious taste. With only 1 gram of sugar per serving, this snack is the perfect supplement before or after a long workout. It has a great mix of spices that are tasty but not overpowering so you can taste the great quality beef.


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