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One of P and Lola's FAVE FAVES ever, we are excited to bring you Warmies!  Warmies are amazing lavender filled Stuffies that you can warm in the microwave to bring incredible comfort.  

These larger original Warmies are 13 inches.

Warmies Plush are the world's best-selling heatable soft toys. These super popular adorable designs are not only fun playthings, they provide hours of comfort and are loved by all ages. Warmies are gently scented with French lavender that is known for its wonderful fragrance and calming characteristics. Warmies are suitable for all ages.

Each Warmies® product contains a carefully measured amount of specially treated millet seeds that have been thoroughly cleaned and dried to a specific moisture content. We also add a hint of dried French Lavender flowers to give a relaxing aroma.

Surface wash with a damp cloth.  Warmies can be re-heated thousands of times when following the instructions on the tag.

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