Judy Blue Sizing and Fit*

How to find your BASE starting size to pay attention to in each fit video or product description:

1. Measure your inseam!  If you don't know IN INCHES the measurement from crotch to ankle on your inside leg, it's impossible to order jeans online.

2. Measure your rise.  Rise is crotch around the belly to where you want the top of the waist band to hit.  It's not an opinion, it's a measurement in inches.

Apple and Pear body shapes please feel free to send us a message so we can help more.

14-24W Torrid/Lane Bryant Sizing: 

Know your size at these stores? Stay true to size for pairs that say true to size.  And listen to the fit video/read the listing if it says you can size down because you may want to size down ONE more on some pairs for a fitted waist. 

A size 20 at Torrid will GENERALLY like our 20W and will do the 18W on pairs that mention sizing down like "Bleach Party" for example

14-24 Old Navy/GAP/AE Sizing:

Know your AE/GAP/Old Navy sizing? This is generally what we call "regular plus" sizing and can come with boxy shapes or stretch out and not hug the curves like we prefer. 

MOST of our Old Navy/GAP/AE ladies size down ONE for their base size and TWO for pairs that say you can size down again. 

A 20 would do the 18w generally, an 18 would do the 16w and the 16 true plus size with wider hips will do the 14w.  (Please note, size 15 is the size below 14w and great for straight hips with tummy weight as it's about 1.5 inches less wide)

Size 2-16 regular Sizing (Ash is a 16/17 regular in stores with tummy weight and narrower hips)

Take your even pants size in your MOST fitted pants with stretch and size down 1 to find your base size.  Some pairs have more stretch and that will be listed along with explained in the video.  (Size 14 starts with the 13 as their base size, 12 wears the 11, 10 wears the 9 etc)

Size 0-8 with no tummy weight often will size down one further.  SOME pairs are extra stretchy so ALWAYS read the fit advice.