Delayed, Lost or Stolen Packages

 We can't wait for you to receive your package from us! We pride ourselves on incredibly fast shipping with a specially barcoded warehouse to eliminate shipping errors.  

We also take shipping delays very seriously and have a process for USPS and Fedex orders that we follow and track daily on a spreadsheet for any orders reported as delayed/missing.  We must follow the strict carrier procedures and have them outlined below.

Once your order has left our warehouse, the most up to date information that we can see is the same as the customer view on the USPS or Fedex tracking number you receive.

In the event that a package is delayed and fedex or usps deems it lost after their research processes below we will work with you to REPLACE or CREDIT for additional items. 


We are unable to REFUND missing packages at the hands of shipping service.


In the event that your package shows arriving late, click to receive text alert updates from the USPS.  This generally gets packages moving within a few days.  Arriving late is the status that 99% of stuck packages land in and 99.9% of them start moving once text alerts are turned on after a few days.

In the event that you have turned on text alerts AND it has been 15 days since initial scan with the USPS, you can reach out to us @ and we can start the research process for you with the post office.  Post office claims must be placed within 60 calendar days of original shipment date per their policy.

They usually review our research requests in 5-10 business days and either find the package or confirm it's lost.

Please note that filing a Missing Mail claim with the post office has a very high failure rate and filing an insurance claim after missing mail often come back denied.  So we prefer the research process for high success in claim processing.



In the event that your package shows an unavailable delivery date or has stopped moving on the tracking website, click to receive EMAIL updates from Fedex.  This generally gets packages moving within a few days.

Some packages just stop scanning due to sitting in trailers or waiting for it's next scan destination.  If this happens please reach out to us so we can reach out to our Fedex rep to see if the package is still moving or waiting to move. 

In the event that our rep cannot locate it we will file a research request with Fedex so that they can get it moving or confirm if it is lost.  It generally takes 10-15 business days to hear back on Fedex claims.



If your package shows delivered but you don't see it in your mailbox, the next step is to call your LOCAL post office and ask for the MANAGER or POST MASTER to pull GPS to locate where your package was placed.  They can generally locate the package quickly as each scan has a GPS locator.  It is IMPORTANT that you speak to a supervisor as the front desk associates will not have access to this information and often provide incorrect information.

In the event that the post office is able to confirm that your package was delivered to the WRONG address, please forward that communication to us to begin filing a claim with their insurance.  Email us @



In the super uncommon event that your package is showing delivered, the post office/fedex confirms that delivery was made correctly and you are certain it was stolen, please proceed to file a police report.  Once you have filed a police report with a list of all the mail/packages stolen (USPS informed delivery will scan you and email you what is on delivery each day), send us a copy of the report.  From here we will begin filing a claim with our shipping insurance company provided you checked out with additional shipping insurance.


Orders WITH Shipping Protection

If USPS or Fedex confirms that your package is lost after the steps above, we will re-ship your order or issue a credit to repurchase items if out of stock.  Please note that we have to follow USPS and Fedex processes on tracking.


Orders WITHOUT Shipping Protection

If USPS or Fedex confirms that your package is lost after the steps above, we will work within the insurance claim limits of the shipping carrier for your package for a credit or replacement.  Please note that some shipments come with $0 / ZERO shipping insurance from the carrier and cannot be replaced without shipping protection on the order.  Please note that we have to follow USPS and Fedex processes on tracking.