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Judy Blue "Cuff Love" Distressed Denim

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Cuff Love Distressed Denim has a light wash and is incredibly flattering at true Judy Blue sizing or sizing down one additional!  Many ladies have BOTH sizes because they are THAT AMAZING!

If you are new to ODD sizing, take your EVEN numbered size and size down to get to your odd sizing.

Judy Blues come from size 1-15 come in odd sizes. “True Judy Blue” size for size 2-16 regular means you will size down ONE to find your odd size.  A size 16 regular wears a 15, 14 reg is a 13, 12 is an 11 etc.  Size 2 is a 1 and 1 is a ZERO.

SIZING DOWN TWO is an option also in this pair which means a 14W can wear a 15, a 16 reg is a 13, 14 reg is an 11, 12 reg is a 9, 10 reg is a 7, 8 reg is a 5, 6 reg is a 3, 4 reg is a 1 and 2 reg is a ZERO.

Sizing down TWO for our 16W to 24W means 26W can wear the 24W, 24W the 22W etc...


Judy Blue sizing goes 13, 15 THEN 14W.  All Judy Blues are WOMEN’S sizing and NOT a juniors cut but a 14W will give you more room in the hips.  Ashley is a 14 regular and wears the size 13 for example normally and can do the 11 in these also.







 Rise: 10 inches

Inseam 27 inches cuffed 32 inches uncuffed (these are meant to be worn cuffed though)

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