My Card was Charged Twice

HELP! My card was charged twice!!!

The help: No, you were not.

Rest assured, you WILL NOT be charged twice unless you placed two separate orders.  You can confirm this by clicking CREATE ACCOUNT on our website and entering the email address you checked out with.  If you DO NOT have two orders then you will NOT have two FINAL charges when payments batch.



What you MAY see are pre-authorizations on the card you used.  In the event that there was a mismatch on the card, you attempted to use Sezzle, Shopify or Paypal pay over time OR if the amounts vary by a few cents, these are pre-authorizations that will fall off AFTER the next business day when your payments can begin to BATCH from the card processor.  

WEEKENDS: Please note that authorizations from the weekend cannot BEGIN to batch until 12:00am Tuesday morning aka AFTER Monday.  And some banks/card institutions will take 2 business days.

Payments vary slightly by a few cents?  Sales tax remittance is a beast and if the charge is off slightly, the payment processor may cancel a charge and authorize the correct amount in the meantime.  You won’t see the cancelled charge fall off for 1-2 business days (Mon-Fri aka Tues-Fri for weekend charges)

This is how banks and cards work and outside of our control.  If you DO have two orders placed, just send us a chat on the bottom right and we can get the second order canceled on the next business day (Mon-Fri 930am-5pm)