Denim Styles and Definitions

Denim Definitions at Lola Monroe 




Measurement from crotch to top front button of our jeans

High Rise

Measures between 10 to 12 inches ? 

Mid Rise:

Measures between 6 to 9 inches? 

Low Rise: 

Measures between 3 - 5 inches? 



Simulated marks of age and wear for fashionable effect 


Denim that may have a combination of: raw or frayed hemlines, holes on the knees or thighs, or dyed in an artistic pattern, acid and mineral washes, or contrasting color variations including bleaching, paint splatter, wisping, printed fabrics etc. 

Non Distressed 

Denim that has minimal to zero: holes, frayed hemlines contrast in dyes, bleaching, or printed fabrics. This style of denim is typically appropriate for a casual or professional work environment. 


Denim Styles 

Particular attributes in a pair of jeans concerning the leg opening or waistband and closure. 

Flare Jeans

Denim that... 

Bootcut Jeans

Denim that... 

Buttonfly Jeans

Denim that... 

Cropped Jeans

Denim that... 

Capri Jeans

Denim that... 

Skinny Jeans 

Denim that... 

Boyfriend (Also referred to as Mom or Dad) Jeans 

Denim that... 

Wide Leg 

Denim that... 

Tummy Control Jeans 

Denim that... 


Inseam / Length

Measurement from crotch to bottom inside ankle of denim or bottom leg opening of our shorts. 



Simulated marks of age and wear for fashionable effect 

Light Wash

Fabric that is slightly darker than white, usually bleached to achieve its tone. ? but still has an indigo or blue hue. 

Medium Wash

Fabric that is darker than our light wash denim but lighter than our dark wash. but still has an indigo or blue hue. 

Dark Wash

Fabric that is almost black in color but still has an indigo or blue hue. 


Fabric that is white in color. 


Fabric that is grey in color. 


Fabric that is black in color. 


Fabrics of the following colors: Pink, Green, Olive, Red, Purple, Blue etc or that have a print such as stars, stripes or florals.