How To Find Your Judy Blue Size

Judy Blue Jeans are basically one of the best arrivals to fashion in the last few years.  With amazing stretch and recovery (doesn't stretch out after hours of wear) and amazing fit for sizes 0-24W, the only crazy part is figuring out your size!

Quick Sizing Help: Take your EVEN Department store size and size down ONE for your BASE Size.  Torrid and Lane Bryant ladies stay true to size (unless you're hour glass shape with a tiny waist - hour glass ladies can follow regular dept store sizing).

In some pairs we will mention sizing down FURTHER from your base size. 


Torrid/Lane Bryant ladies will GENERALLY stay true to size TO FIND THEIR BASE SIZE as these are a true plus cut JUST like Judy Blue.  A 20 at Torrid will do our 20W as their base size.  

We have a few pairs we will mention sizing down further from your base size that a 20 at Torrid may prefer our 18W.  Always watch the fit videos to see HOW and WHERE a pair stretches for your own personal body composition preference.

****Please note that while less common, we do occasionally have hourglass shapes who shop at Torrid/Lane Bryant state that they follow the regular department store sizing and size down from their Torrid/LB Shape***


Old Navy/GAP/AE plus sizing 16/18-26 will size DOWN ONE to find their base size.  A 20 at these stores will do our 18w, 18 will do our 16W and 16/18 wider hip true plus size would do our 14W AS THEIR BASE SIZE.

****BAGGY LEGS?**** If your tummy is much larger on your frame than your legs, this is often referred to as Apple or Upside down pear shape.  Scroll to the bottom of this page for help with denim by body shape and feel free to use the chat feature to get help with styles and styling from Ash.

2-16 Regular size ladies will size down ONE to find their base size as well.  A 16/17 regular (narrower hips with tummy weight) will do the 15, 14/15 will do the 13 etc. 

If you carry ZERO tummy weight and are a size 6 or below, many of these body shapes often size down one more in most pairs (IE size 6 can skip the 5 to wear the 3) and if this is the case we list it in the description and fit video.


Rise and Inseam

    On each pair, we list the Rise and Inseam for you.  If you haven't measured yours lately, check it out for the best fit when ordering online! Measure crotch upward around the belly up to where you want the waist band to hit so you know how our rise compares.

    We carry largely high rise and some mid rise jeans.  Rise for regular and plus sizes is listed in inches for the best fit. We list rise in inches because 10.5 inches is mid rise in our opinion but some stores call that high rise.  Inches won't lie.  Always measure!

    There are fit videos for each pair of Jeans/Shorts and Capris on our website and Free App for you!

    You can see all our Denim jeans HERE

    You can find shorts and capris listed also.

    Our free app has a video of each item we have shown live also to help with fit and feel.  You can grab it HERE

    We have our fit model information listed HERE 


    Denim by Body Shape

    Knowing and EMBRACING your body shape is so important for dressing and feeling confident!  It is 1,000% ok to acknowledge that every style will NOT look great on every body shape! 


    We have sizing videos below for:

    Rectangle & Hour Glass body shapes:

    • May find that sizing down 2 odd sizes or 1 plus size is best to keep the curves hugged and have that booty pop fit when pairs have great stretch (each pair has a fit video and written listing).
    • Most denim styles will be flattering on these shapes in general. 
    • How you carry weight in your tummy area will likely determine your FAVORITE jean types.
    • Boyfriend and relaxed fit jeans may fit baggy Or fitted depending on your leg composition.  Ashley has muscular legs so most straight/boyfriend jeans have a fitted straight leg appearance on her.


    Pear and Apple shapes:

    • Often struggle with fit of skinny jeans as they see them worn by others.  Skinny jeans on these shapes are often best worn with 1-2 cuffs and with low profile sneakers, sandals, flat slip on shoes etc.  (Please note that chunky shoes and athletic sneakers often look odd on this body shape and skinny jeans)
    • Many prefer a straight leg before they get comforable with skinny jeans cuffed to look more straight.  The reason for this is that sizing to accomodate a larger tummy and smaller legs means that skinny jeans can be baggy in the legs and look awkward as they taper in at the ankle if not cuffed.  A straight/relaxed leg will look intentional with room. 
    • New Fave alert!  Many apple shapes are loving the wide leg crop look as the straight leg hides the smalleg legs on an apple frame.
    • Apple shapes should AVOID SLIM FIT jeans as those are a super WIDE THIGH that tapers in at the ankle.  Only wear these if planning to do big chunky cuffs to wear like boyfriend capris.
    • Boyfriend jeans will have a little baggier straight-er leg also. If you want to hide a bit of your shape, boyfriend jeans worn with a top long enough to cover your hips will be a great option also.
    • ALL denim styles can look FABULOUS on these shapes when STYLED correctly so that you feel put together and good in your own skin.  Have a question on styles and styling?  Send us an email or chat us and Ash will help!

    Check out our jeans HERE


    We are so glad you found us!  If we can help with anything at all, please let us know!

    XOXO Ash!

    Our free app has a video of each item we have shown live also to help with fit and feel.  You can grab it HERE



    • Linda Murphy : October 01, 2021
      Author image

      I’d like to go to the Bleach party jeans please

    • Susan Inman: April 18, 2021
      Author image

      Thank you for taking the time to explain the Judy Blue sizing! I have been on the fence big time about buying my daughter & myself both a pair! You make me feel a lot better about taking the chance on buying them online versus in person! I love your boutique and I just made a pretty big order over this past weekend! I’m planning on buying us some Judy Blues when I get my check & it’ll definitely be from you💙 Thanks soo much!!!

      Sincere Thanks, Susan B. Inman

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